New CEO: Jackie Jaramillo

Devoted Supporters,

Allow me to introduce myself; Jackie Jaramillo, newly appointed President and CEO for Pueblo Rescue Mission. I want to take this opportunity to greet you and to THANK YOU for your faithful support of Wayside Cross Mission DBA as Pueblo Rescue Mission.

The main purpose of my letter is to give you an update on all that has happened and is happening at the Mission. Many of you have driven by the Rescue Mission and have seen little to no activity. It is true that we are no longer sheltering or feeding individuals there due to the upcoming renovations. We have been busy working with architects and bidding out contracts for the work that needs to be done. It is a lengthy process and we want to ensure that the money we have been given is maximized. Our greatest desire is that the building will be a place of refuge, safety and cleanliness enabling us to serve homeless individuals with dignity and the compassion of Christ.

In addition, we are developing plans for the programs that the Mission provides. We are planning to shelter 100 to 150 individuals each night (60 beds on the men’s side and 40 on the women’s side with the ability to put matts on the floor for up to 50 additional people). We plan to feed breakfast and dinner 7 days a week. The biggest addition is the Homeless Resource Center which we will staff and operate Monday thru Friday to provide case management services, leading our clients toward life improvement resources.

We have learned that relationships change lives more effectively than programs. When healthy relationships exist between two people, hope is fostered through the relationship. Hope is present when individuals believe that change is possible. Hope opens the door for empowerment to take place through teaching individuals how to use resources to better themselves. Empowerment then leads to transformation. A transformed life leads to restoration, and restoration gives back what poverty and addiction took away. We are using this philosophy to move forward as an organization and to see lives restored.


The good news is that this week the contractors will start the interior demolition in preparation to begin the new construction. By next month you will begin to see an abundance of activity on 4th Street as the renovations progress. Because of the support you are providing, the day to help individuals begin a fully restored life will soon be a reality. We are extremely grateful for your support. Through you, the Pueblo Rescue Mission can serve many individuals and allow them to reclaim what poverty and addictions have stolen from them. Through your support we plan to continue to impact the community of Pueblo. Thank you for what you are doing for many individual lives as well as the greater community of Pueblo – you are making a difference.

You will be invited to see firsthand the newly renovated facility and meet the staff at our upcoming open house after the renovations are completed. Look for an invitation sometime in November 2017. I plan to send updates from time to time; in the meantime, if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

In his Service,

Jackie Jaramillo