Building Update

As many of you likely know we are currently remodeling our old facility. If you have ever volunteered with us or have been in the old building you also know this is long overdue! Our desire is to serve the homeless community with both dignity and grace. The truth is the state of our old facility made that virtually impossible. We are pleased to announce that the capitol campaign is already over. We already have the funds in place to finish this project. We are also pleased to announce that construction is underway. The demolition phase is already ending.

Despite all that good news there has been a couple of snags. We quickly discovered that both the electrical work and plumbing is out dated and violates city code. Although it will be great to have those problems fixed it unfortunately will also slow down the process. The current plan is to reopen on December 15th. As we get closer to that date we will let you know when we will have an open house for the public to come and see the finished work.

In the meantime, we are continuing to fund raise so we can hire a full complement of staff when we open. It’s important that we have those funds so we can serve the homeless while still gaining support and momentum. If you are able to give any amount to help us meet our goals we would be most appreciative. We also ask that you join us in prayer for the homeless community while our remodeling project is taking place. We are the only shelter that accepts unaccompanied adults and as of now there is no place for them to go. We are working with the city to try to come up with an emergency shelter plan for when temperatures get below freezing. As we make progress on that front we will keep you posted.

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