Our Vision

To see lives transformed and filled with hope as our community works together to fight homelessness, poverty and addiction.

Our Mission

Because of our love for and obedience to God, our mission is to mobilize the community to provide relief, rehabilitation and empowerment services.

Our Commitments

We are committed to:

-Meeting resident “where they are”
-Providing life sustaining aid
-Providing a welcoming and safe environment that promotes transformation and empowerment
-Promoting grace, truth and healing
-Treating guests and residents with dignity and respect
-Providing pathways out of homelessness
-Providing access to additional services and solutions (outside of PRM)

No one is denied services because of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin.

We currently have relocated all of our services to 520 W. 13th Street.

Our Philosophy

We have learned that relationships change lives more effectively than programs. When healthy relationships exist between two people, hope is fostered through the relationship. Hope is present when individuals believe that change is possible. Hope opens the door for empowerment to take place through teaching individuals how to use resources to better themselves. Empowerment then leads to transformation. A transformed life leads to restoration, and restoration gives back what poverty and addiction took away.

Our Story

Reverend Thomas Bond and his wife Miriam founded The Wayside Cross Gospel-Rescue Mission 35 years ago. Their heart was to make a home for the homeless; be a friend to the friendless; and give hope to the hopeless. They wanted to serve the least, the last, and the lost. The community at large and the faith community are grateful to Rev. Bond and his wife for the contributions they made over the past 35 years to serve the homeless population in Pueblo.

After falling ill, Reverend Bond turned the leadership of the organization over to several different individuals who worked to carry on his legacy. Today The Wayside Cross Gospel Rescue Mission has become known as The Pueblo Rescue Mission. Under the corporate leadership of The Springs Rescue Mission, The Pueblo Rescue Mission is committed to expanding it’s services of sheltering and feeding homeless individuals into a program that transforms lives through housing, health, and work.

Our Team


Jackie Jaramillo

President and CEO

Kathy Cline - Pueblo - 10.4.17

Kathy Kline

Operations Manager