Pueblo Rescue Mission Wish list

Plastic cups Plastic silverware Napkins Paper Towels Trash bags (55 gallon and 13 gallon) Meat: Beef, chicken. pork Adult Clothing Adult Shoes Copier paper Pens Mop Heads Volunteers Cash Donations are always appreciated

Practical Reasons to Help the Homeless

When someone asks why they should help the homeless the most common answer is one rooted in compassion. The homeless are our fellow man and woman in need. We want to follow the Golden Rule. Helping the homeless is simply the right thing to do. Now, none of those answers are bad answers. In fact, […]

A Hand Up Not Hand Out

It’s a human reaction to help someone who appears to be in need. But there is a better way than handing over spare change. We partnered with other local charities to create this helpful PSA. Watch this video to learn more.